Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Ok kids email me your phone number so that i can call you tomorrow afternoon when i get close so i can let you know when you can come over and help me. I will need that by tonight. I am guessing around 6 or 7. hope to see you all there. later


Monday, June 27, 2005

Sick of packing

So tired, Below is a picture of the mess i call my family room. Most of my stuff is in there and tomorrow it will all end up in a truck getting ready to go to ohio, crazy week for me. Ok sleep is calling. night

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Party, the Thank you, & The beginning of the packing

So below are a few pictures from the party that I had for my leaving DC party. Not a lot of people came to it but the ones who did come I want to let you all know it meant a lot to me. And it was good to see you all there and hang out one last time. You all are welcome to come to Cincy sometime and will have room to stay at my place.

This weekend was hard on me. I realized that I am leaving a place that I learned to love. I gave up a lot to move here and I can honestly say that I couldn’t imagine myself without the lessons that I learned in DC. I learned that I can go anywhere and make it. While my career might have hit a bump in the road I grew not only professionally but emotionally. I learned what makes me tick and what I want out of life. So I say thank you, thank you to my friends, you welcomed me and made me feel like I was home. Thank you to the city, you showed me that all those lectures that I sat in on in college about great communities do exist. To live in DC and see what goes on in the government is amazing. I never truly understood all that went into politics and know I have a good understand. And they are right, politics are like sausage, you don’t want to know how they are made.

I also want to thank those at BAE, although things didn’t end the way I wanted them to, I learned a lot and enjoyed my time there. Janet and company really went out of their way to make it feel like a family. I hope that where I go to work and whatever I do that I bring that type of feel and love for what I do to the next job, thank you Janet for that, it meant a lot to me to be able to work for you. Abby, Thanks for being there for me and helping thru a lot of tough issues that I faced while working there, I really cant wait to see pictures of the little one once you welcome him/her to the world. Robin, I know I haven’t done a good job about this but stay in touch. You are a fun co-worker and I really hope that we stay in touch and someday work together again. Come visit the Midwest sometime.

Well day one of packing is done and I have a lot to do tomorrow. I totally remember why I hate moving so much. Any volunteers who want to help me load an Uhaul come Tuesday after work please let me know. Also anyone back in Beavercreek that wants to help unload the truck come Wednesday night I would be grateful.

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Friday, June 24, 2005

Last Weekend in DC

Well last night i went out with a good friend of mine in DC for the last time. Clark was the first person that really welcomed me to DC and became friends with. We partied all the time and always had a good time. We went out last night for some drinks and had a blast. I know i am going to miss that about DC. The friends i have made here and the times i have had.

I guess last night was really the first time i had to start saying goodbye to my friends here. The start to a long sad weekend. Well sad but also exciting, i am ending one chapter and starting a new chapter. At least i wont be starting over like i did when i moved to DC. I have a great group of friends in cincy and Dayton to lean on and to help me out.

Well to my friends in DC, I have loved hanging out with you all and partying it up. You are all welcome to come to Cincy anytime. My place is always open to you. I hope that the group of friends i make in cincy are as great as you all have been. HOLLYWOOD IS COMING HOME!! But i want to thank you all here for making DC as close to home as you could.


Thursday, June 23, 2005

Air & Space Museum

Well today i went to the Air & Space museum out by the Dulles airport. It opened about a year ago and i had never been. It really isnt that great, but remember i am from Dayton Ohio and the museum there is much better. But while i was at the museum there were two things that really stood out in my mind. One, the Enterprise was there, first time i can remember getting up close to a space shuttle, really cool to see it, i always thought is was larger then it was.

The second one was seeing this P-38. My grandfather use to fly this plane during WW2. It was always my favorite and he use to tell us storied about flying it. Although when he passed away about a year ago i started hearing stories that he never told us. He did some amazing things while at war were he risked his life to save a comrad and earned a bronze star. He never accepted the medal because the pilot who he tried to save died in the plane accident. He didnt feel he should be rewarded when the person he tried to save didnt make it. He did some great things during the war. A farm boy from Ohio flew over europe to defend the USA.

I miss him alot. I sat and stared at the plan for awhile and thought about everything he went thru growing up and in the war and reallized that all teh issues i am dealing with are nothing compared to what the "greatest generation" went thru.

So i also have noticed that alot of people are starting to read this that i didnt know checked up on me and where currious about what i have to say. So if you read this leave a comment so i can see who is reading these postings.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

What i have been up to the last days in DC

Below are the two biggest things i have seen the last few days. I went to the National Arborium and looked at the largest bonsai exibit outside of the Far East. For those fo you who dont know in the last year i have really gotten interested in Bonsai. I have a few trees of my own and i was trying to grow a redwood myself but i accidently killed it, oops, but you have to try and the california redwood is one of the hardest trees to train for bonsai. So below is a picture of one of the best bonsai i have seen.

Also there is a picture of the Giant Panda at the National Zoo. I went there today and walked around. Me and 100,000 10 year olds enjoys the park. I was disappointed in the zoo, i never reallized how good the Cincinnati zoo is in comparison as to other zoos around. The National Zoo is the only zoo in America where we can see the Giant Pandas. It was amazing to see them. Roomer has it that the panda is the picture is pregnent. They said it will be a few more weeks til we know but if she is it would be the first time in over 10 years if ever that a panda was born in the US.

Tomorrow i am going to go to the National Air and Space museum out my Dulles Airport. It opened last year and is suppose to be really good. But considering i grew up at WPAFB and have been to the WPAFB airforce museum a hundred times i dont know if i will be impressed but willing to give it a look.

Tonight i said bye to my first friend in DC. It was really sad, but i know i need to go back and figure things out for myself. I am sure things will become worse as i say goodbye to more and more friends. But everyone is more then welcome to come and visit me in Cincinnati anytime. There will always be room for people to come visit me.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Going home to nothing.

ok so sorry i havent posted in a few days, my PC died and i just got it back. Well i got the bad letter yesterday, i did not get into Grad school at UC. Really am down and out about that. They said i applied to late and that i needed to do better on my GMAT score. it helps when you dont have to deal with getting laid off and moving and finishing a Calc class with a non english speaking teacher. But i am not making excuses. So i move back on the 29th with no job and no school. What the hell am i going to do?

I have talked to my boys about it and i think they are right, i need to make the best out of this and figure out who i am and what the hell i want in life. So moving to the city that will relive me is what i need to do, cincy here i come.

I cant remember another time where i have been so scared of change and scared of what will come for me. So friends, i would love to see you all and hang out with, i need all the friends i have to help me thru this hard.

I seriously have been thinking about joining the military. My father and boht grandfathers where the military and i sometimes wonder if that is what i need to do. I mean the private sector isnt working out for me so maybe the military sector will be best for me. I dont know.

I really dont know. I have never been more scared of what will happen to me. Nothing is going right. Nothing has been going right. I took a risk and lost. I left someone special behind for the job of a life time in DC two years ago. Well the job went south and now i am coming back to cincy with my tail between my legs. I just feel life is defenately on the down swing for me, things have to go well right? God i hope so.

Friday, June 10, 2005

I can't sleep

So it is around 230 in the morning and i cant sleep. I was thinking about all that i have to do in the next few weeks. I was thinking about what i am leaving behind and how i am going back to ohio and about to face some real hard times. I have no real job, i dont know if i am in at UC yet or not. I dont know how it will be like being back in cincy.

I am having a party at the end of the month the 25th with some friends to go out on a high note. When i was sending out the invites i got a email from my old coworker that said that going home must be bitter sweet. But i think about it and it is really just bitter. I left cincy the first time for a opportunity for a great career move and i left behind someone amazing. Well i have been laid off now and have no real career movements in DC so i decided to go back home. I hope that the change that lies ahead of me will help me grow and get back to the way i want to be. I know that when i get back to cincy my friends will be there to help me out and help me figure things out. I only hope that things work out and that i figure out what i am suppose to be doing.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Starting out

I am starting out a new blog to talk about what is going on in my world while i move back to Cincinnati, wait to get into school, and try to find a new job.