Monday, July 18, 2005

Monday thoughts

I guess everyone has their up days and their down days. Over the last few months I have had way more down days then I have up days. Since being back in Ohio I would say they are leveling out but I don’t know anymore. Today was one of those days were everything felt as if it was going bad. I took my SUV into the shop and it will be there until Thursday at the earliest, and will cost me thousand bucks. can't wait. Thank god for insurance, only 300 I will have to pay USAA gets to cover the rest. But still 300 I don’t have. Then I find out my phone has been recalled but verizon doesn’t tell its costumers that, you have to go in and wait in line for 45 minutes before someone will tell you that. So hopefully I will get my new phone this week. And once I got back home I have been just real depressed today, I don’t really know why.

Tomorrow is a bog day for me; I have a job interview with Northwestern Mutual. I am really hoping this goes well because I really need a job right now and I think it could be a lot of fun to get into the financial side of things for a while before going back to grad school, no rush for me, my life is on this holding pattern and it feels as if it will never end. God I hope it does someday. Someday soon to because I really don’t like how I feel.

On a side not I went to a party with Tom and crew and had a great time, watching tom try to run from some crazy girl was so damn funny. I think I started to cry I was laughing so hard. But the funny part was after we left the party. Cindy and I went to steak and shake for food and we got talking and remembered that it was 10 years ago this past 4th of July that we went on our first and only date. She reminded me that it was our only date, hahaha. Hard to believe that we have known each other that long. But I am glad me and her are still friends and hang out. She said she is going to come down and visit with me but odds are I will be a side visit when she goes and visits all her other cincy friends. hahaha. Ohh well things are different now that I am back and I really need to start doing things for myself and make that person I became in DC more of the person I am in Cincy now. Hollywood truly needs to come back to me.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Being Called a Hero

Yesterday was a weird day. I for some reason went to grab a bit of food from the taco bell on Dayton Xenia rd in Beavercreek on my way home. I normally never would swing by there for food because there are closer places for food to my parent’s house. But for some reason yesterday I wanted taco bell. I think they call it fate. I was at the D-X rd and North Fairfield interchange and a mini van was trying to turn east onto D-X. When a work truck tried to run a light turning red and hit the mini van head on going at least 45. The impact was loud and violent. All I remember was hearing a woman screaming and I could hear kids crying. I pulled my car onto the front lawn at Sunoco and ran toward the minivan.

When I got there, me and the owner of the Sunoco helped get the driving out. She was bloodying and out of control, we got her out of the car and she was yelling about the kids in the back. The door was broken do to the accident and we had to ripe the door on the van. We got the kids out and they turned out to be ok. It was a scary few minutes. After everyone was away and safe the woman driving the car thanked me and the other guy and called us her heroes.

I don’t know, guess I see it as doing the responsible thing but in some peoples eyes they would never go and help someone out like I would. I guess I just view it as doing the right thing and leave it at that. In any case it was a wild start to an afternoon.

Monday, July 11, 2005

The style of chopper i am looking to build Posted by Picasa

Ideas in Cincy

OK first off Gary things have been crazy recently so i havent had time to post and from the looks of it Tara has been posting on hers recently.

Well i am for the most part settled in at my cincy resicence. I love being back home and chillin with my roommates. Now the start to what i want to do while i am back in town. Let start with what i did last week, i went to a professional bartending school and meet with a woman called Angel who is in charge and i decided i will go to bartending school. I hope to find a job working at a bar after the school is over at the end of the month.

I am also going to start bouncing at longworths on my off nights from bartending and start looking for a real planning job right away. I am looking to stay in cincy but i am getting interest from New Zeland. It would be fun to go to New Zeland and work for a few years, how real that chance to work it i dont know, i know i am not counting on it, if it happens then i will be game to give it a shot.

I also decided that i am going to do one of those things that people always talk about but never do. I am going to build a custom Chopper this winter in my basement. I decided that since things are working out the way i want them to i am going to turn things upside down and do what i have always wanted to do, so this winter i am building my dream motorcycle, anyone that knows about bikes and motors i am more then willing to have you come and help me work on it. let me know if you are interested. Now i need to price them and figure out what kinda parts and bike i want. I will put a picture of the kinda bike i am looking to build on this site.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Back in the Nati

Hey kids, so i am back in cincy and ready to party and catch up with everyone. Hit me up and lets get together. Stilll slowly moving things back and forth from Dayton to cincy. Hit me up