Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Being Called a Hero

Yesterday was a weird day. I for some reason went to grab a bit of food from the taco bell on Dayton Xenia rd in Beavercreek on my way home. I normally never would swing by there for food because there are closer places for food to my parent’s house. But for some reason yesterday I wanted taco bell. I think they call it fate. I was at the D-X rd and North Fairfield interchange and a mini van was trying to turn east onto D-X. When a work truck tried to run a light turning red and hit the mini van head on going at least 45. The impact was loud and violent. All I remember was hearing a woman screaming and I could hear kids crying. I pulled my car onto the front lawn at Sunoco and ran toward the minivan.

When I got there, me and the owner of the Sunoco helped get the driving out. She was bloodying and out of control, we got her out of the car and she was yelling about the kids in the back. The door was broken do to the accident and we had to ripe the door on the van. We got the kids out and they turned out to be ok. It was a scary few minutes. After everyone was away and safe the woman driving the car thanked me and the other guy and called us her heroes.

I don’t know, guess I see it as doing the responsible thing but in some peoples eyes they would never go and help someone out like I would. I guess I just view it as doing the right thing and leave it at that. In any case it was a wild start to an afternoon.


At 10:37 PM, Blogger Doctor Random said...

If paramedics are heroes, why not you? Although, I'm like you, I wouldn't call myself a hero. I was in a similar situation last year. Only one person in the vehicle, but several people were trying to get the door open on his truck...which was quickly filled with the smoke/powder from the airbags. Anyways, once I climbed out the window of the car I was in, which was resting against the guardrail, I used my adrenaline to my advantage and bent the door open. The man's (rather attractive) daughter called me a hero once she arrived.

At 5:10 AM, Blogger Doctor Faux Fro said...

That is most definately being a Hero (in every sense of the word). Stepping up to help someone else takes great heart. Sure you may not consider yourself superman (with the flying and x-ray vision) but in essence he would have done the same thing you did.

You may not consider yourself a hero, but at least give yourself the credit that you had a moment of heroism where you helped others in need.

At 5:31 AM, Blogger T-Merch said...

Based on personal experience I would call you the same; and I know I am eternally grateful to my own "hero".

Last December my SUV flipped over onto the driver's side after an accident. I was panic-stricken, and instinctively tried to climb through the top of the shattered driver's side window, while debris, floormats, and windshield wiper fluid fell across my lap.

While the other driver was standing outside shouting obscenities and generally being less than helpful, my anonymous hero arrived and began patiently instructing me on how to climb out of the smoldering vehicle. If he hadn't appeared out of nowhere to help, I might, in my state of mind, have never have gotten out.

I don't know how to contact him to tell him thanks -- I can only hope that both you and he recognize just how much those selfless actions mean from another point of view.

At 8:39 AM, Blogger Gary said...

Keep in mind that after an accident it's extremely important not to move someone if at all possible. Unless the bleeding is severe, you should probably leave them until the ambulance arrives. Or unless you smell gasoline and the car is about to blow up like in the movies.

Spinal injuries are extremely common in car accidents and even a fairly minor one can result in severe damage if moved improperly. And the shock and adrenaline from being in an accident will often mean the person doesn't feel that they're hurt. That's why paramedics usually put people in a neck brace when transporting them after an accident.

At 10:14 AM, Blogger T-Merch said...

Yeah, the gas thing was why I was moved, lol...consequently, seeing the movie "Crash" brought me to tears.

At 12:45 PM, Blogger Donna said...

I agree with everyone else. I'm glad there are people out there that will step up and help in those situations. On behalf of everyone, thanks.


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