Friday, August 26, 2005


The Bull Shit Letter Nancy Z, UC's current President is sending out to people who write her about what she did to Huggins. She is trying to re-write history, fuck her and what she stands for. Huggins Forever!!!

Thank you for taking the time to write to me and to share your views regarding
the University of Cincinnati Men’s Basketball Program.

Please know that I am listening to you and your fellow alumni on this issue. I
understand that you wrote out of concern for the university and that you want
the best for UC. Though we disagree on the handling of this particular issue, I
know that we both want the best for this university and for our extended
university community.

There has been a great deal of misunderstanding and misinformation regarding
recent events. Many people think that I and the UC Board of Trustees “chose” to
part ways with Coach Bob Huggins at this time. We did not.

Mr. Huggins publicly affirmed, on May 16, 2005, his desire to finish coaching at
UC under the terms of his current contract. Then, in July 2005, Mr. Huggins
contacted UC through his agent to request that we reopen negotiations regarding
his employment status. At that time, he made it clear that he no longer wished
to fulfill the terms of his contract. Thus began the process of negotiating
Coach Huggins’ separation from UC.

I wish that the timing of events could have been different. However, the timing
was indeed controlled by Mr. Huggins and dictated by his approach to us on July
12, 2005.

We were not able to provide public notice of these events earlier in this
process because of the confidential nature of personnel discussions. We were
forced to do so abruptly and in a way that surprised alumni like you because of
a public records request by news media. We regret that it was impossible to
provide advance notice to our alumni.

Throughout recent events, we have recognized Coach Huggins’ record of
achievement and have worked to accommodate his interests. Till July 12, we
thought Mr. Huggins would be coaching in the Big East. However, because he
decided that he was unable to honor the terms of the May 16 agreement, we have
worked to develop an equitable separation that is fair to all concerned.

I appreciate that you took the time to write. I hope you appreciate that we want
our students to win in the classroom as well as on the basketball court and
playing fields. With your help, our high expectations and commitment to
excellence will be realized, and we hope you will join in our efforts.

Best regards,


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

UFC Mixed Martial Arts

So for the last few weeks my roommate and me have been tossing around the idea that we should go together and enrole in a MMA Class. For those who dont know what MMA is watch UFC sometime(Ultimate Fighting Championship). The real funny thing is Cincinnati is one of hte hot beds for MMA. Right now there is a title holder in UFC, Rich Franklin, and 2 guys on the Ultimate fighter 2 TV show from the Cincy area. The basic reciepy for a MMA fighter is Brazilian Jiu-Jitus and Mauy Thai Kickboxing. Wednesday i am going to a few gyms and checking out which gym we want to take classes at. Most MMA fighters study for up to 5 years. I dont ever plan on fighting at that level but would love to train and learn how to fight. So looks like this will be another adventure for me. Wish me luck, should be a good time, as my roommate states it, my training starts now.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


And the winner is...... US!!!

So the beer Olympics were the past Saturday and the winner was Suzi's team. Which means the three old guys anchored the winning team, Tom, Francis, and me. All 6 teammates had a major hand it the win but I would have to say that Francis is the MVP of the games. I think he drank 9 beers in the Case race. I had 5 but at 3 I looked at Francis and was like, "I think this is going to be trouble." hhahaha.

For those of you who didn’t know about the Beer Olympics it was a brain child of Suzi and Tom and we had 6 events we competed in with 4 teams of 6, each team having 2 girls and 4 guys.

1. Flip cup
2. Relay Race
3. Beer/Easter egg hunt
4. Beer Pong
5. Water Balloon toss
6. musical Chairs
7. Case Race

My team won the Beer/Easter egg hunt, beer pong, and musical chair and we came in second on case race. But we got the over all win by 5 points.

Each team was suppose to bring 5 cases of beer so needless to say we had way to much beer and everyone got way to wasted. Good times good times. They had the bath tub full of beer, a tub like tub in the garage full of beer and coolers in every room.

I won musical chairs by beating Krista for the last chair and in. Hope the process breaking the chair. It was really funny, hopefully really soon someone will send me that picture and I will put it up on the site. Besides that during the case race one of the judges got sick and threw up right next to me. I really thought that was someone on my team so for a moment I freaked out. But my team was a bunch of champs and we came through. So congrats guys, everything thought we were down and out after we got beat at flip cup but we knew we were going to come through in the end.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Wedding of the year and job potential

So I haven’t had the chance to write here recently and there is a lot going on. First off I wanted to congratulate Francis and Wendy. Their wedding was beautiful, from what i remember everyone had a good time. I kind of remember the reception. We all danced and drank and had an amazing time, Wendy looked beautiful, it was hard to believe that one of my close friends is now married. The only complaint that I do have has to do with the morning. When my alarm clock went off at 5am and I had only gotten 2 hours sleep, well less then that because the last thing I remember seeing on TV was American Chopper and when I woke up they were test riding the bike so that means that I actually got less then two hours sleep. We had to get up that early so that we could make it to the golf course on time. I didn’t play that bad but the fact that I didn’t wake until around the 4th hole I am sure messed up my game, not that I have much of a golf game now a days.

I am in the middle of bartending class. I am really enjoying the class and learning a lot. We have had a test everyday and I have passed them all, you need a 90 percent to pass. So with a week to go I am really looking forward to finishing it up and working at a local bar. I also have been looking for a full time job in the area. I am in the middle of talking to UC about a job in the marketing department for the AD. Though I just found out that a friend of mine is also going for the job and I am worried about who will get the job. I am hoping for the best and I would really like to work for UC. I also am talking to Northwestern Financial, City of Fairfield, and a developer outside of cincy. SO hopefully one of these things will come through.

Joe Henderson