Tuesday, August 23, 2005

UFC Mixed Martial Arts

So for the last few weeks my roommate and me have been tossing around the idea that we should go together and enrole in a MMA Class. For those who dont know what MMA is watch UFC sometime(Ultimate Fighting Championship). The real funny thing is Cincinnati is one of hte hot beds for MMA. Right now there is a title holder in UFC, Rich Franklin, and 2 guys on the Ultimate fighter 2 TV show from the Cincy area. The basic reciepy for a MMA fighter is Brazilian Jiu-Jitus and Mauy Thai Kickboxing. Wednesday i am going to a few gyms and checking out which gym we want to take classes at. Most MMA fighters study for up to 5 years. I dont ever plan on fighting at that level but would love to train and learn how to fight. So looks like this will be another adventure for me. Wish me luck, should be a good time, as my roommate states it, my training starts now.


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